How do i hook up my promethean board

how do i hook up my promethean board

Steps on how to hook up your board. Connecting Promethean board. MONICA LOPEZ-REESE. Loading. A Promethean board is a type of 'smart' white board that has a high level of interactivity. Images from your computer are be displayed on the board, and a set of. 2. Launch ACTIVStudio. 3. When the Toolbox appears, click on the Main Menu (Promethean Reboot (unplug the power cable then plug back in) the ACTIVboard. Restart your PC. box next to My device is setup and ready to be found and.

Find More Posts by Indiana Teach. I don't have any software for it. That's the software our school uses with our elmo's. I really do think there is way to use them together, but either they don't want me to use it I got it off Ebay or they have no clue how to do it. Thread Tools Printable Version. I asked the tech people at my district how to hook up the Elmo to my Promethean Board and they said it is not possible because of some wiring issue with the Board and the "projector" mounted on the ceiling isn't a real projector. I got my Elmo off Ebay and it didn't come with it.

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How do i hook up my promethean board 105

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logo in the gray circle in the upper left corner of the board will light up, change colors and beep Hold the stylus up to the glowing Promethean logo (it will turn pink when you do this) for about 5 seconds. (VCR/DVD connection on back).

Disconnect the VGA cable from the back of your teacher desktop and connect it to your. Mac laptop using the VGA adapter you received. (This will allow the Mac. How to Mirror Your Laptop to the Promethean Board 1. At the cable box Use the provided adapter to connect that VGA cable to your laptop. 3.

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