Star trek dating websites

star trek dating websites

Trek Dating. K likes. We're here to connect like minded singles in the world of dating. We're the biggest #StarTrek dating site online. That's why we had to. Share your love of Star Trek, as well as your other passions, with other singles near you!, Trekkie Dating. Need a date to the new 'Star Trek'? Kevin Fallon digs into the subculture of online dating for Trekkies.

Just say, "qaparHa'qu'" English translation: Trekkie Dating welcomes users to a dating community "light years ahead of others" and says to "set phasers to If you could understand that Klingon , you'll definitely want to read on. Trek Passions says you can "find others who share your passion for Sci Fi. Trek Passions says you can "find others who share your passion for Sci Fi. Click Here to find out more.

Dating site is HERE

If you're looking for a date to take to Star Trek Into Darkness, these Star Trek dating sites could help you find your like-minded match. Trekkie Dating website helps Star Trek fans find love. by Lauren O'Neil Posted: October 17, PM Last Updated: October 17, PM. Categories.

Star trek dating websites - What message to send to a girl on dating site

Trek Passions is a % free SciFi personals & social networking community site for science fiction lovers, including but not limited to lovers of Star Trek* and.

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