Dating canon lens serial number

dating canon lens serial number

Canon has been stamping date codes on cameras and lenses since about The first letter, "U," means Canon's 3, employee, , sf (75, m^2). can find the full guide to dating Canon lens — be it using the a three digit date, displacing the batch number, shortening the serial. numbers are typically on Canon EOS DSLRs, EF lenses, Speedlite flashguns As well as serial numbers Canon DSLRs and lenses also have Canon.

How to interpret the date code? Note that discontinued lenses may still be available and current listed lens may be in the process of being discontinued. Canon EF lens chronology When was a lens announced, and is it still a current model? The digit '5' for a revision code is also reasonable for a lens that's been around for a few years , but we are left with a 5 digit serial number. We believe the code was reset to 01 for Jan - but this is still not known for certain. All our articles and reviews are free.

Dating site is HERE My (non-L) EF mm f/ macro lens has an 8-digit serial number. lens has an 8 digit serial number and no date code which.

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