Live hook up miron

live hook up miron

Ohel HaRashbi is providing a live video link from Meron. Arutz 7 is also offering a live Miron video link, though they're charging $10 for it (less. Much attention is being focused on the relatively narrow road that leads up the hill to the ohel. Traffic on it is at a complete standstill all day. Thousands of people dancing in miron on lag b'omer.

I see matzav reported , there. Shimon is happy with what is being done in his name, and what has been done for centuries. Have an exclusive picture? Here is how comment number 1 should read: And 6 not so simple, and if they are not religious , there fore what?!!

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Watch Miron Live stream - Live broadcast from Lag Baomer in Miron. MIRON Miron Live feed HERE live hookup meron in HD HERE.

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