Hook up xm antenna

hook up xm antenna

The car kit includes a small black square antenna that has about 20 feet of If you can't install an XM radio in your car without this kind of help. I recently had a Sirius antenna put in by a BestBuy install shop. They put the XM antenna on the dash (under the glass). When I asked them. This video shows you how to install an antenna on the outside of your vehicle for a satellite radio. The task isn't usually that difficult, but it can take a a little time.

The strips coupled with the magnetic bottom of the antenna will ensure a more secure hold and simply looks better. The antenna works quite effectively within the car as long as it is mounted where it can see the sky. Most antennas have 25 feet of cable they are made to attach to the roof of your car, so you need a lot of length attached so coiling it certainly beats wrapping it around your headrests. There are some mounts and pads to consider for this purpose. In fact, any antenna that relies on satellites will work well within your car, satellite radio and GPS included. We also find that sunroofs also help to see the sky when keeping your antenna within the vehicle. Many customers are under the impression the antenna must be mounted on the roof outside the car.

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Mounting your Sirius XM antenna inside your car is better than sticking it to your roof. Stratus, Sportster and StarMate lines (they are up to the eight generation as of ). The second option is using a hook and loop fastening strip on your. Has anybody tried to install the Sirius (or XM) satellite antenna INSIDE of the car? I've been able to receive Sirius/XM signals inside my garage.

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